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Evolved into what would be the epitome of the modern day luxury sport replica Hublot big bang watch

Le 10 novembre 2014, 03:54 dans Humeurs 0

The TWG connection is also of some note, as they seem to understand the difficult balance one must strike when designing a limited edition model for a second brand. Unlike other cross collaborations we all try to forget, the watches made for TWG (Hublot or otherwise) are fairly reserved and generally just offer the addition http: //www. watchescrafted. com/replica-hublot-big-bang. html of a specially coloured element, like the lovely blue middle barrel on the Hublot.

These two models from Hublot are indeed limited editions, with only 15 of each version being produced. Certainly not entry level offerings but the combination of the titanium and ceramic construction along with the very limited production will likely have some Hublot fans reaching for their wallets. I am pretty sure that the official name of this new Hublot Classic Fusion model is the "Classic Fusion 42mm Classico Ultra-Thin Shiny Dial. " Did Hublot really need to add that extra "Classico" part of the name and is "Shiny Dial" really a term that fits with a high-end watch? You can come to your own conclusion on that but don't let it cloud your judgement on what might be one of the most interesting new Classic Fusion models in a long time. In fact, I would go so far as to say that this is really a "modern classic" for Hublot.
It is easy to forget that a Hublot brand existed before it was purchased by Jean-Claude Biver back over a decade ago. In 2004, he released the Big Bang which fundamentally changed the nature of the brand forever. It was more or less bankrupt before that, but there were a lot of good things in the brand DNA that Mr. Biver evolved into what would be the epitome of the modern day luxury sport watch. While very much part of the modern collection, this new Classic Fusion 42mm Ultra-Thin reminds me of what Hublot used to be - a dress watch brand with a smart case design that focused on simplicity and style.

As an interesting coincidence occurred a few days before writing this post. While traveling, I came across a gentleman wearing a "pre-Biver" Hublot and happened to comment on it thinking he was a watch guy. He sort of was and it turned out he almost exclusively collected "older" Hublot watches that existed before the relaunch and before the Big Bang. Being a more conservative guy, he said that the newer sporty pieces from Hublot were not his thing, and that he grabs what vintage Hublot models he can. So this Classic Fusion 42mm Ultra-Thin Shiny Dial watch post is in your honor, sir.

The Classic Fusion collection isn't new, but Hublot keeps playing with it and refining it. This collection is among my favorite and feels like a "real" Hublot dress watch. At 42mm wide it isn't too small or too large. Hublot makes it available in either an 18k king gold (similar to red gold) or titanium case and it is very much a classic Hublot in design. The case is about as "ultra-thin" as you would want an Hublot to be. Seriously, if it was Piaget Altiplano-thin it would look silly. The movement is just 2. 90mm thick and the case is perhaps double that. It feels slim against the wrist and is very comfortable, more so than the 45mm wide version of the Classic Fusion for most wrists.

A set of Hublot watches in traditional team colors to produce some really impressive stuff

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Since Hublot debuted its "Masterpiece" range a few years ago they haven't ceased to inspire me and continue to produce some really impressive stuff. Lofty and a little bit "out there" the MP collection watches are exactly what you want as a supplement to more commercial luxury watch fare - and Hublot performs this role very well. Once again, the titanium replica hublot big bang will be produced as a limited edition of just 20 pieces with a low price.

In February 2010, Hublot announced that HEAT guard, Dwyane Wade, would join the "Hublot family, " a highly elite circle of Hublot ambassadors who are living legends in their respective disciplines. Wade’s commitment to excellence, which he strives for on and off the court, and his passion for the sport, parallels Hublot’s vast achievements in fine watch making.

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Hublot is the HEAT’s presenting sponsor for all premium entrances at American Airlines Arena including Gate 4. In addition, the partnership designates Hublot as the official timekeeper of the Miami HEAT and an official countdown to tip off prior to each HEAT game via the courtside signage system at American Airlines Arena. In March of 2012 Hublot unveiled the first King Power Miami HEAT chronograph, becoming the first Swiss luxury brand to launch an NBA timepiece. Later that year, Hublot presented the entire team with commemorative Big Bang timepieces to celebrate the first victory in the “Big 3” era. In honor of the team’s 25 years in the Magic City in 2013, Hublot launched a limited edition 25th Anniversary collection, a set of his and her timepieces in traditional team colors.

A portion of proceeds from the sale of all Miami HEAT timepieces benefits the Miami HEAT Charitable Fund. The Fund supports programs that seek to improve the situation of vulnerable families in South Florida. Hublot is also the presenting sponsor of the HEAT’s annual charitable gala.

Long known for its Big Bang, Classic Fusion and King Power models, Hublot’s unique MP collection was first unveiled at the Geneva Trade Show in January 2011 with the introduction of the “MP-01. ” These record-breaking pieces are made possible by a team of 30 developers and engineers devoted entirely to grand complications and extraordinary movements. The collection accurately reflects Hublot’s Chairman, Jean-Claude Biver’s statement: “More watchmaking, more mastery, more innovation…”

The first “Masterpiece, ” the MP-01, was limited to 100 pieces and was a barrel-shaped titanium watch with a curved chronograph movement and a 10-day power reserve made possible by three barrels working consecutively. Developed and manufactured entirely by Hublot’s dedicated team, the timepiece is composed of 384 components and 43 jewels. Since 2011, several more ground breaking timepieces have come out as part of this collection, including the MP-02 Key of time, which allows wearers to modulate the passing of time from their watch in three different ways. Baselworld 2013 led to additional “MP” timepieces, including the record-breaking MP-05 LaFerrari and the MP-08 Antikythera Sunmoon.